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Where are you from?

I live in Kent

What do you do for a Living?

I’m currently an electrician, working on various contracts allover that gets me into a whole host of venues, including Fire stations!

Do you have a Fire Service Background?

No, I attempted to get in brigade at a young age but ended up getting a trade as I was told it would prove useful in subsequent applications. I’m Still undecided if I may pursue another application at a later date.  

How long have you been on the EC?

Around 10 years. I think it was 2010 when I started.

What vehicles /collections do you own?

I own two Dennis ds one Kent pump and a London salvage corps salvage tender.

A little 1939 Austin 10 towing car  

Own various small pumps and a large collection of memoribilia love helmets would say  between me and my dad weve got a good little collection.

What’s on your shopping list?

My shopping list has to be a pre war appliance want something small. We do a lot of WW2 stuff and really want something for that but anything that comes available we’ve missed out on or people want mega money for it. At the end of the day it is a hobby.

Always on the hunt for old helmets and anything unusual.

What is your favourite era for re-enacting/ to portray in arena events?

That's a real tough question as anybody who knows the Bloxham’s will understand we love it all.

But if you made me pick one it would have to be wartime. Nothing gives me a bigger buzz than hanging on for dear life on the rear of an old Leyland or heavy unit racing around a field whilst bangs and pyros are kicking off.

Chamberlain's speech makes my hairs stand on end as on so many occasions from a very young lad we would be getting ready with my dad telling me to hold on tight... magic

What is your favourite thing to do at a rally?

A rally for me is about family ! And what a great one we have park up wander round there isn’t much between me and my dad we cant get sp we always have a stall to help fund our hobby and just enjoy the weekend with friends family laughing and joking. It's great to see my children enjoying this too know.

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a member?

Anyone looking to join I'd say go for it ! Don’t hesitate the price is small and the benefits are large. Have a go turn up and enjoy. Many friendly faces old and new. Don’t worry if you have no kit, people will help provide stuff and point you in the right direction too.

We as an EC are looking for more hands to help, ideas and opportunities so I'd say now is a great time to join the group.

What you get out of being a member of FSPG?

Family - People I call brothers and sisters the fspg has given us so much. It brings us all together.

Have you got a random piece of fact/trivia/skill you would like to share?
My random fact is me and a couple of my friends naming no names have won the last few FSPG competitions at various events let's get this started again come on someone must be able to beat us at hose running.  

Is there anything else you would like to say?

This group has given me massive opportunities.

I've ridden fire engines all over I've performed on horse guards in the military tattoo. I've been across Europe it's amazing what we get up to.

We've a great EC and so many ideas.

So I really hope to see you out and about